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WeCare Taxi Sri Lanka, the Brand of Outstation Cab Service acts as a cab booking facilitator connecting Cab operators and Riders across the country. Developed with a vision to use effective technology to take care of your intercity travel needs at the lowest fares. We constantly strive to achieve the benchmarks of cost effective, reliability and flexibility which makes WeCare Taxi a trusted brand for all your Intercity travel needs.

Being derived from the term, WeCare Taxi, just follows the simple theme of a WeCare Taxi race where time and safety are our prime goals.

How Did Start WeCare Taxi Company?

WeCare Taxi was founded by in 2017 two person With a Person in china and Person in Sri Lanka . Their belief was that a Taxi and Transport service can combine high standards and an environmentally focused approach . Fast forward to today and that ethos has proven correct and remains truer than ever . Whilst other Taxis companies play catch up with technology and environmental laws , we create and embrace change. Their purpose aim was is to ensure that you have the most comfortable Reliable Taxi service in Sri Lanka.

about us -WeCare Taxi

We take pride in having you on our platform. We always value your service provided. Stay cool and understand every hard situations from the riders perspective. Riders may not know the local language, may not know the exact place they are in, may not know which route they are heading to. All they know is, you are with them to take care of them. Strive for their safety and comfortability. Driving is not just a profession. Its a Dedication!


Thanks for choosing us as your travel partner. We take pride in providing you service. We constantly look forward to acheive reliability and flexibility. Drivers give up their sleep, foods, and they strive only for your safety throughout the entire journey. There are also many graduates who has taken this driving as their profession. Respect them. Driving is just a profession. Not a low standard community!


One way Fare

Worried paying dual-charges ? Pay only for the distance you travel, While traveling one way.

Great Flexibility

No waiting charges. Take any number of breaks or visit any place on your way to destination (Round trips).

No hidden charges

No Night Charges, Peak-Time Charges, Hill Charges, Waiting Charges or any other hidden charges.

Lowest Fare

There are no hidden charges. Our math is so simple ! Just pay for the extra kms you travel apart from the fare estimate shown.

Professional Quality Drivers

Best rated & high-quality professional drivers to make your day a good one.

Get Discounts and Offers:

Get discounts and promo codes on completion of every trips.

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24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated 24x7 customer support team always at your service to help solve any problem.

Top Rated Driver-Partners

All our driver-partners are background verified and trained to deliver only the best experience.

Your Safety First

Keep your loved ones informed about your travel routes or call emergency services when in need